Step into the Gap – Katy and Michelle begin gap year with CAFOD


Katy Lowrey is starting her gap year with CAFOD

Katy is starting her gap year with CAFOD

Hi, my name is Katy. I am 18 and from Warrington. I am super excited to be working at St Mary’s as a part of my gap year placement with CAFOD as one of their gaplains.

Learn about CAFOD’s gap year

My favourite colour is purple and I enjoy sports. I am looking forward to my year in Blackpool as I am thrilled to work in the school and meet new people who will be with me during the year. I have just left college and plan to go to the University of Bradford in September 2016 to Study International Relations and Security Studies and my favourite subjects were Math and Philosophy.

I have done a lot of work in my own parish with our youth and am part of the Liverpool Archdiocese pilgrimage to Lourdes during summer; this has given me many skills that I hope will come in useful this year. I am also excited about the trip abroad I will be taking part in at the beginning of next year as I think it will be a remarkable and unique experience. For me the most important thing this year is to have fun, gain new skills and enjoy a challenging experience.

I am really happy with the way the first few weeks of my placement have gone and feel like I will gain a lot from the experience and hope that people feel they can get a lot from me. As this is the first time living away from my family I was a little nervous but I think I have settled really well into my role and also feel happy that I also have the Parish that I work in helping me and guiding me.

At St Mary’s, Michelle and I organised lots of fundraising for the CAFOD Harvest Appeal. We had a nail bar where students got their nails painted bright colours, cake decorating and people wore something bright to help fundraise for the appeal, as well as assemblies and form time activities that helped to explain to students and staff what they were fundraising for and why.

18-30? Take a look at CAFOD’s gap year


Michelle is volunteering with CAFOD on her gap year

Michelle is volunteering with CAFOD on her gap year

My name is Michelle. I’m 18, from Bristol and I’ve just finished college. I’m applying to university this year and I will hopefully be studying Neuroscience after this gap year – fingers crossed! I like reading and watching k-dramas and I also love languages (my number one aim in life is to be fluent in more than two languages!).

I’m super excited for this year, it’s been really good so far. Blackpool is such a different city compared to Bristol but everyone I’ve met so far has been really friendly and welcoming which has made this whole transition a lot easier for me. It’s my first time being up north as well so it’s definitely going to take some time getting used to Northern humour and mannerisms!

I’m based in St Mary’s Catholic Academy in Blackpool where I’m working in the Chaplaincy office. My job description involves so many things such as mentoring and dealing with the day-to-day joys and stuggles of teenage life… We also help to organise assemblies and facilitate prayer and worship around the school.

As a CAFOD volunteer, a big part of my job is taking a lead in fundraising and raising awareness of social justice issues in the school. Harvest was really fun, with people decorating cakes, buying bright green “Brighten up the world” wristbands and on the big day – Harvest Fast Day itself – the whole school wore something bright!

I went to a Catholic secondary school which is where I was introduced to CAFOD but I didn’t really know much about its work until I went to college and started the CAFOD Young Leadership Programme. Through that, I got more opportunities to learn about CAFOD which led to me eventually finding out about Step into the Gap and applying. I am very happy to be working with an organisation that is genuinely interested in grassroots activism.

I feel like this year will be an amazing and unforgettable experience. I’m looking forward to working with young people and to spread my passion for social justice. I’m excited about the trip abroad and to be involved in helping vulnerable communities. I want to develop my confidence over the year and gain skills that will help me throughout life. Finally, I want to have fun and connect with different people from different backgrounds and different life experiences.

Step into the Gap with CAFOD

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