Lancashire parishioners share gift of water


The new borehole in Egrihariba village, has brought clean, safe water to the community.

Clean water is not a luxury in the West but it certainly felt like one for families in Lancashire whose supplies were contaminated by a parasite in August.

More than 100 of them have donated their compensation money and bought World Gifts. In total, their generous donations have helped to fund wells, water pipes and reservoirs, which can provide clean water to nearly ten remote communities in Latin America and Africa.

“Having to boil and buy water was an inconvenience but not a hardship. It really brought home to me the struggle faced by families living in desperate situations around the world where they have to walk for miles to collect a small amount of water, or get sick because they have no clean water,” said Barry Holiday, from Preston.

Find out more about our Community water supply gift

Latin-America-Guatemala-Josefa-and-community-water-supply_medium (1)

Josefa lives in a small village in Guatemala and before there was a water supply in the village, she and her children faced just this hardship. Josefa had to make four trips every day to collect water and carrying heavy containers of water was exhausting, especially for the children.

However, thanks to parishes like Barry’s, Josefa’s life has changed; “Thank God for the support that you have provided us and for the construction of the drinking water project in our community. With access to clean water our lives have changed forever”.   

Help to bring life-changing water to even more families like Josefa’s by fundraising with your parish.

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