CAFOD Supporter from Lancashire will run the London Marathon

Alistair Thornton CAFOD Edited (2)

Alistair Thornton

Alistair Thornton, a CAFOD volunteer from Ansdell, is running the London Marathon on the 24th April 2016. Alistair is running this iconic marathon to fundraise for CAFOD.

Being a member of his local CAFOD Group, Alistair has a great support network. Alistair became involved with CAFOD within his parish almost two years ago.

“I’ve become part of my CAFOD Group. It’s like a family. Paul Kelly is a great leader and advocate for CAFOD. He drives us forward, he’s our core person.”

Alistair has been helping out with his CAFOD group in a variety of ways. He ran a fitness class, collected fast day envelopes and helped run the Fair Trade stall. He has used his skills to tell others about CAFOD.

“When I first got involved with CAFOD, I ran a fitness class. I wanted to raise awareness and enhance people’s understanding of the charity.”

Taking his efforts further, 28 year old Alistair is running the London Marathon in honour and memory of his Nan. His Nan left CAFOD a donation in her will. The selfless actions of his Nan inspired him to carry on her legacy.

“I learnt many things from my Nan when she was alive. But when she died I found out that she’d left some money to CAFOD. This made me think. I decided to jump in and help out more.”

Running over 26 miles is a challenge in itself. Alistair’s challenge is greater still as he is recovering from a knee injury. Alistair explains:

“I’ve run a few marathons before. However I suffered from a really bad knee injury that just kept getting worse. I was told not to run more than 10K. Using my fitness knowledge I’ve tailored a training programme working on less distance running and short higher intensity runs then I’ve used in previous marathons. I feel ready to take on the distance challenged on the day.”

The notorious London Marathon is not an easy task. Alistair is proud to be running for CAFOD.

“CAFOD is close to my heart,” he explained. “I lost my Nan two years ago at Christmas time. She was very fond of CAFOD. She’s my inspiration. So many people benefit from CAFOD and the work it does, supporting them makes me feel good.”

Support Alistair as he runs 26.2 miles across London. Alistair is training diligently to complete the London Marathon, to make a positive difference. Not even a knee injury can keep prevent Alistair from undertaking this challenge.

“I’m determined to succeed.”

By supporting Alistair, you will also be supporting people like Guti from Uganda. A water pump has been fixed, meaning children can now access clean and safe water. This is improving sanitation and hygiene throughout the school.

Sponsor Alistair as he prepares to run the London Marathon

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