Refugee Solidarity Pilgrimage Service at St Gregory’s Catholic Church

CAFOD parish volunteer Bernadette Roberts, together with members of the St Gregory’s parish community are hosting a Year of Mercy CAFOD Pilgrimage Service in solidarity with refugees

St Gregory's Year of Mercy pilgrimage poster

All are invited to a Year of Mercy CAFOD  Pilgrimage Service at St Gregory’s Catholic Church in Preston on Thursday 4 August at 7pm. All are welcome, with refreshments served afterwards.

This service will include prayers, refugee facts and stories, and an opportunity to reflect on Scripture and the recent teachings of Pope Francis.  There’ll be an opportunity to show solidarity with refugees by writing messages of hope. These messages will be dedicated at the end of the Year of Mercy and shared by CAFOD with refugees from all over the world.

The Lampedusa Cross will be on display at the Pilgrimage Service and also at St Gregory’s Catholic Church from 30 July to 7 August.

The idea of pilgrimage is especially powerful in the light of the current migration crisis. More people than ever before in human history are now on forced journeys far from home. This pilgrimage is a way for us to show solidarity with all those fleeing war, poverty and persecution in our world. Along the way, we will reflect, “Who is my neighbour?”

Please come along and join us in prayer and reflection. Thank you.

Find resources to inspire you to celebrate the Year of Mercy in your parish or community, including our refugee pilgrimage.  


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