St Bernadette’s, Lancaster, hosts a CAFOD Memorial Mass.


Parishioners supporting the Memorial Mass

On the 5th November, parishioners from across the Diocese of Lancaster, came together to hold a special service to give thanks for the lives of their loved ones. The Memorial Mass celebrated and remembered all those who had touched our lives.


CAFOD volunteers organised the service at St Bernadette’s parish, Lancaster, to pray for CAFOD supporters who are no longer with us and give thanks for loved ones who have made a deep and lasting impression. Special intercessory prayers were also offered in memory of all CAFOD supporters who have passed away.

The Book of Remembrance for the Lancaster Diocese was placed on a stand, in front of the alter, throughout Mass. The book includes the names of volunteers, supporters and benefactors of CAFOD, and those remembered by the Candlelight

Find out how to set up a candle light fund.

CAFOD held its first memorial mass over a decade ago, and now, masses are held across the country during November, the month of remembrance. People are invited to contact their local volunteer centre with the names of their loved ones to be included in the book of remembrance, which is presented at each mass.

Visit our website to find out more about our candlelight fund.

CAFOD representative in Lancaster, Patrick Gardner, said:

“Thank you St Bernadette’s parish, Lancaster, for hosting tonight’s CAFOD Memorial Mass. It was a beautiful way to commemorate all those who have touched our lives and made the world a better place. It was an opportunity to remember our loved ones. Whilst remembering all those who have touched our lives.”

“The service was a lovely opportunity to pay tribute to the wonderful people who have been at the heart of our work: inspirational priests, volunteers and members of the Catholic community who found time to offer love, practical support and prayers to the world’s most vulnerable communities.”

Contact us to find out more about CAFOD’s work and how to get involved and volunteer.

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