Campaigners from Lancaster Diocese attended a retreat to reflect on the Year of Mercy. 


Campaign volunteers discussing the Year of Mercy

Local CAFOD Campaigners attended a special day of reflection where explored how they can continue to live out Pope Francis’ call to be “witnesses of mercy.”

On 26th November, over 25 campaigners from Lancaster Diocese attended a special CAFOD retreat day, held at Our Lady and St Edwards parish in Preston, where we reflected on our understanding of the Year of Mercy.

During the day, volunteers attended workshops, where we learnt about the meaning of mercy, studied extracts from Laudato Si’ and explored the story of the Prodigal Son.

CAFOD representative in Lancaster, Patrick Gardner, said:

“This retreat was an opportunity for us to reflect on the Year of Mercy and the beginning of Advent. Dan, who led the retreat, showed the group that now is a time to disconnect in order to connect. He asked us; What is your Year of Mercy legacy?”

We then had a shared a lunch, which was made from contributions from the group, each bringing their own dish. After lunch, we had time for personal reflection, followed by the opportunity to share our thoughts with others. Workshops and small group discussions were also held, allowing campaigners to share their stories from throughout the year.


Volunteers sharing lunch during the campaign day

The Year of Mercy officially ended on the 20 November, on the Feast of Christ the King and celebrations were held across the country.

Throughout the month of November, CAFOD held 17 retreat days across the country where attendees discussed the works of mercy and the meaning linked to action in our families, communities and in our world.

CAFOD Head of Campaigns, Dan Hale, said:

“The retreat was an opportunity to be refreshed and sustained; it allowed volunteers to take time out from everyday life to reflect on their own faith journey, in the company of other CAFOD supporters and in peaceful surroundings.

“During the day, we explored the Scriptures and Church teaching together. We also took time to learn from each other’s experiences and to be inspired and enriched by stories from CAFOD’s campaigning and work overseas.”

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