Hannah tells us about shopping this Christmas, using CAFOD’s World Gifts

Hannah Henley, who is taking part in our Step Into the Gap programme, speaks to us about shopping this Christmas. 

If you’re anything like me you love shopping – Christmas is the best time of year to spend, spend, spend. You get to the tills and the excited tingles start as you feel that you’re about the buy the perfect Christmas gift but then there’s a tinge of guilt in supporting what you know is terrible conditions and unfair pay. “Next, please!” There’s no alternative…


A goat, available from CAFOD’s World Gifts

BUT WAIT. There is an alternative, there are ways to have an ethical Christmas and give the perfect Christmas gift

CAFOD are incredibly dedicated to supporting fair working conditions and a fair pay to those working in overseas countries, all you have to do is shop – and we all know you can do that. There are various ways to have an ethical Christmas. I can personally vouch for Traidcraft, their quality and selections are amazing and they have gifts you won’t find anywhere else. 

Now we all have that one person who you have no idea what to buy. They don’t want anything, haven’t asked for anything and they’re just being a downright nightmare. Have you ever thought why you’re trying to buy for someone who doesn’t really need anything when there are people in the world who need so much? I don’t mean a new shirt or novelty iPhone case, CAFOD offer the chance to buy gifts for people who need them overseas through their World Gifts scheme.

Each World Gift is an actual example of CAFOD’s work overseas. For example, a goat could provide a family with up to 12 pints of milk a week – which they can drink or sell – it will also produce free fertiliser which they can use to help grow crops. A thoughtful present that will satisfy both parties, and the scheme has been going strong for more than 10 years, so it must be brilliant!  world-gifts4

Happy Shopping with CAFOD’s World Gifts! Merry Christmas.

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