Hannah tells us about her upcoming trip to Ethiopia

Hannah Henley, who is taking part in CAFOD’s Step into the Gap Programme, tells us about her hopes for the upcoming trip to Ethiopia.


Hannah Henley

I’m Hannah and I’ll be travelling to Ethiopia with CAFOD in January. Seeing it in writing is just making me super excited and I can’t wait to see what work CAFOD are doing and what projects they are supporting.

If you would like to read about my reasons for applying to Step into the Gap, feel free to do so, (if you excuse the picture!) Or about the Step into the Gap Programme in general.


Some of what I’m most looking forward to is meeting Ethiopian communities and experiencing a different culture and bonding with my travel group. I’m going on to study fashion at university next year so I am just beyond excited to see the traditional fabrics and colours and markets (I’m a fashion student, I’m allowed)! I’ll need to make sure I have room for all the fabric I’m going to buy, there will be a lot…


Injera, Ethiopian food

I’ve already been lucky enough to cook and try some Ethiopian food and it was lovely although I’m pretty sure my culinary skills didn’t do it justice! I can’t wait to see how they cook and I can imagine it’s so authentic and special which will be amazing to witness as cooking is a passion of mine. I’ll have to toughen up my taste buds or make sure I have plenty water before I go as I’m not so good with spicy food.

I can’t really pinpoint what I’m most excited for, as you can probably tell by this blog. I’m just bubbling for all of it! I’m particularly looking forward to seeing what HIV projects CAFOD are supporting in the country as it is something I’ve always been interested in learning more about. I’m also curious to see the agricultural projects that CAFOD are supporting, the recent drought in Ethiopia will have made a big impact on the livelihood of locals and to see this in action and learn more about their way of life will be amazing.


Step Into the Gap volunteers, travelling to Ethiopia

It will be interesting to see where the Emergency Appeal donations have gone and be lucky enough to have such an eye-opening and unique opportunity, read more about their water projects and positive impact here.


(That means thank you)

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