Celebrating our Volunteers

Paul Bradley, CAFOD Parish volunteer at St John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Poulton-le-Fylde, shares his volunteering story with us ……

Paul Bradley - CAFOD Parish Volunteer

Paul Bradley – on the annual parish CAFOD sponsored walk

Hello, my name is Paul Bradley, a CAFOD Parish volunteer at St. John’s, Poulton le Fylde.

More than 30 years ago, I became a CAFOD volunteer.

My motivation arose from my passionate belief that; love, compassion and justice lie at the heart of Christian behaviour.

I learned about CAFOD’s work from a talk, by a very charismatic lady, at a seminar in Lancaster.

I have too many favourite moments to mention. I have taken part in national campaigns, as well as events on the ground level.

In July 2005, I went to Edinburgh, with my wife Anne, for the Make Poverty History campaign. We arrived at midday and were greeted by 225,000 people at The Meadows. There was a sense of total commitment to demanding a reduction in global debt.

Through CAFOD I have witnessed Catholic Social Teaching in practice, enjoyed working with likeminded people. I would recommend volunteering to anyone, of any age, who is concerned for justice, peace and wishes to plead for the support of our brothers and sisters overseas.










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