Cardinal Newman cake sale buys cow for overseas community

Students from Cardinal Newman college in Preston have raised over £100 to spend on CAFOD World Gifts by holding a cake sale during Interfaith Week.

The group were inspired to raise money after they learned about the impact livelihoods can have on  overseas communities. They set their initial target at £100, enough to buy a ‘Marvellous moo cow’ gift from CAFOD’s World Gifts catalogue.

World Gifts are alternative charity gifts that would help transform lives and communities and will make great presents for friends, family and teachers this Christmas time.

The gift of a cow is four gifts in one for a struggling family: manure to help grow crops, milk to supplement a family’s diet, calves to pass on to other families and extra milk to be sold at the market.  The £100 raised by the cake sale at Cardinal Newman has paid for a locally-sourced cow, its jabs and training for the family so that they can look after it correctly.

Susie Stretch, who helps to run the group, said: “The CAFOD group are doing really well so far this year.  The students are motivated, focused and enthusiastic. 

“We meet every other week share to  information and news, look at CAFOD campaigns and plan events.  CAFOD volunteer Christine Dewhurst comes into college to support the group and keeps us up to date with current campaigns.

“The group started to plan their first fundraiser after we were asked if we would like to take part in the college’s celebration of interfaith week. During the week guests are invited to give talks and demonstrations, answer questions and take part in panel discussions based on religious and ethical themes. 

“The students were really positive about the idea and were especially keen on raising enough money to buy a cow.  We were able to raise £100 on the day which was particularly nice as it meant that we reached our goal of being able to buy a cow. Our next challenge is a Christmas Jumper day!”

Patrick Gardner, CAFOD’s local representative in Preston, said: “We’re so impressed by the students in the CAFOD group at Cardinal Newman. The money they have raised in their first fundraiser really will transform a family’s life.

“Their motivation and passion is inspiring! Thank you!”

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Parishioners in Lancaster share Brazilian families’ joy after campaign success

Thanks to the support of parishioners from across the Diocese of Lancaster who were amongst the 4,000 people to support a CAFOD petition, over 1,000 people in São Paulo will spend this Christmas safe in the knowledge that they no longer face eviction from their home.

#FicaMauá – Let them stay

In September 2017, CAFOD launched a campaign to halt the eviction of around 1,000 people living in the abandoned hotel in the centre of São Paulo, Brazil.

The Mauá Building in the centre of São Paulo stood empty for 17 years until 2007, when 237 working families moved in.  They lovingly renovated the building and for the last ten years have called it home.  The building has been home to a thriving community, providing a social use and revitalising an otherwise derelict area in the city centre.

Ever since they moved in, the families have been trying to win the legal rights to their home, which Brazilian law allows, asking that the authorities acquire the building and convert it into social housing for low-income families.

In a landmark case, after ongoing campaigning by the families, public authorities have agreed to purchase the building for around £4.6 million (20 million reais), allowing for it to be converted into social housing.

Your actions helped to bring about change

It is thanks to your support that the fear and uncertainty of losing their homes is no longer a reality for the families living in the Mauá community.

Neti de Araújo’s, a leader in the Mauá community, said:  “I want to thank each and every one of you for your support. I am very happy knowing there are people like you, our friends and companions.

“After so much struggle and sacrifice, ten years of ups and downs, it is finally feasible; we have persuaded the owners of the need for families to live here. The struggle will continue! Thank you!”

CAFOD representative in Lancaster, Patrick Gardner, added: “The way that parishioners from Lancaster have rallied together to prevent this injustice, where over 1,000 people were threatened with being left on the streets this Christmas, has been astounding.

“We are so thankful that so many people in the diocese have acted: spreading the word, signing the petition and even standing in solidarity with the community by photographing themselves with a #ficamaua sign.

“Your prayers and messages of solidarity have given the families strength and hope at this difficult time.”

The fight continues

CAFOD will continue to support stand in solidarity and pray for the families in their struggle for a safe and permanent home.

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