St Anne’s, Westby, support Power to Be

On Wednesday 6 September, 30 parishioners from St Anne’s church in Westby came together to follow the CAFOD Power to Be guided liturgy, embarking on a journey of solidarity with their sisters and brothers overseas.

The group reflected on the liturgy, available to all on the CAFOD website, accompanied by the relaxing sounds of a fellow parishioner who had kindly offered to play the violin at the service.

Some of the readings were given by children from the group, who, in the words of one parishioner, “read beautifully.”

St Anne’s parish priest, Fr Kevin Lowry, as well as their retired priest in resident Fr Aiden Turner were in attendance.

Debbie Harris, who helped to organise the evening, said: “As the only parish CAFOD contact for St Anne’s church at Westby, and new in the role, I felt that holding this reflective guided liturgy would be a good way to raise awareness of CAFOD’s work.  It wasn’t about receiving donations, it was an actual service looking at signing cards to ask the UK’s representative at the World Bank to support local, renewable energy which tackles poverty.

“Achieving great things is something that is particularly important to me with having two young children of my own. Having my children and other young parish members speak on the evening made it more poignant.

“I had support from the parish priest and also Hayley Benyon, from a neighbouring church in the Deanery. The feedback we received was very positive, the congregation enjoyed the service and felt that the content was meaningful, relevant and well presented by the team of children and adults.”

Patrick Gardner, CAFOD‘s local representative in Lancaster, added: “We’re really pleased that St Anne’s could come together to take part in our Power to Be reflective liturgy. Standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters overseas is incredibly important, and this liturgy is a perfect example of St Anne’s doing this.

“Thank you particularly to Debbie and Hayley who helped to make the evening the success it has been!”

40 individuals from the parish chose to sign the Power to Be action cards which add to the 19,000 other voices calling on Melanie Robinson at the World Bank to invest more money into providing people across the world with access to safe, renewable energy.

Order action cards to share in your parish

Celebrating our Volunteers

CAFOD Area Coordinator for the Fylde, Hayley Benyon, shares her thoughts on her volunteering journey with CAFOD……

Hayley, right, at the CAFOD Lancaster Volunteer Centre

Hayley, right, at the CAFOD Lancaster Volunteer Centre

I have always been drawn to CAFOD as a way to put my faith into action. Whilst it can feel overwhelming when thinking about how families are suffering, I take comfort knowing that CAFOD is helping people, and that the aid distributed is targeted for sustainable projects. I enjoy hearing real life stories from CAFOD personnel and their partners. I wish that I was 30 years younger, so that I could apply to be a CAFOD Step into the Gap volunteer.

I have so many good memories from being with CAFOD. Recently we had a powerful CAFOD Refugee Service. Young and old parishioners prayed in solidarity.

In my volunteer role, I am always proud to hear feedback on how much respect CAFOD holds and I am always overwhelmed with parishioners’ generosity for our Fast Days and Emergency Appeals.


Hayley and the CAFOD parish group at Holy Family, Freckleton and Warton

Hayley and the CAFOD parish group at Holy Family, Freckleton and Warton

I have gained so much from CAFOD’s thought provoking training and it grounds you in what we can do individually and together, to make a difference to the lives of our global brothers and sisters.


Celebrating our Volunteers

Paul Bradley, CAFOD Parish volunteer at St John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Poulton-le-Fylde, shares his volunteering story with us ……

Paul Bradley - CAFOD Parish Volunteer

Paul Bradley – on the annual parish CAFOD sponsored walk

Hello, my name is Paul Bradley, a CAFOD Parish volunteer at St. John’s, Poulton le Fylde.

More than 30 years ago, I became a CAFOD volunteer.

My motivation arose from my passionate belief that; love, compassion and justice lie at the heart of Christian behaviour.

I learned about CAFOD’s work from a talk, by a very charismatic lady, at a seminar in Lancaster.

I have too many favourite moments to mention. I have taken part in national campaigns, as well as events on the ground level.

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