St Anne’s, Westby, support Power to Be

On Wednesday 6 September, 30 parishioners from St Anne’s church in Westby came together to follow the CAFOD Power to Be guided liturgy, embarking on a journey of solidarity with their sisters and brothers overseas.

The group reflected on the liturgy, available to all on the CAFOD website, accompanied by the relaxing sounds of a fellow parishioner who had kindly offered to play the violin at the service.

Some of the readings were given by children from the group, who, in the words of one parishioner, “read beautifully.”

St Anne’s parish priest, Fr Kevin Lowry, as well as their retired priest in resident Fr Aiden Turner were in attendance.

Debbie Harris, who helped to organise the evening, said: “As the only parish CAFOD contact for St Anne’s church at Westby, and new in the role, I felt that holding this reflective guided liturgy would be a good way to raise awareness of CAFOD’s work.  It wasn’t about receiving donations, it was an actual service looking at signing cards to ask the UK’s representative at the World Bank to support local, renewable energy which tackles poverty.

“Achieving great things is something that is particularly important to me with having two young children of my own. Having my children and other young parish members speak on the evening made it more poignant.

“I had support from the parish priest and also Hayley Benyon, from a neighbouring church in the Deanery. The feedback we received was very positive, the congregation enjoyed the service and felt that the content was meaningful, relevant and well presented by the team of children and adults.”

Patrick Gardner, CAFOD‘s local representative in Lancaster, added: “We’re really pleased that St Anne’s could come together to take part in our Power to Be reflective liturgy. Standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters overseas is incredibly important, and this liturgy is a perfect example of St Anne’s doing this.

“Thank you particularly to Debbie and Hayley who helped to make the evening the success it has been!”

40 individuals from the parish chose to sign the Power to Be action cards which add to the 19,000 other voices calling on Melanie Robinson at the World Bank to invest more money into providing people across the world with access to safe, renewable energy.

Order action cards to share in your parish

You’re invited to St Anne’s, Westby, Power to Be Liturgy on 6th September

St Anne’s Church, Westby, are hosting their own reflective liturgy on September 6th from 7pm until 7:45pm to show their support for CAFOD’s Power to Be campaign.  The team at St Anne’s are extending their welcome to all who would like to attend.



Currently, one in six people live without electricity globally. Local, renewable energy is usually the cheapest and most efficient way to bring power to the poorest communities. It means that families don’t have to rely on dangerous and unhealthy energy sources such as paraffin lamps and firewood. It enables children to study after dark, nurses to keep vaccines cold and farmers to irrigate crops.

Through the World Bank, the UK already invests in energy access to combat poverty but less than 3% of World Bank spending goes towards renewable energy and clean cooking.

CAFOD’s Power to be campaign is asking the UK’s representative at the World Bank, Melanie Robinson, to use her influence to ensure that children everywhere have the power to achieve great things and lift themselves out of poverty, without harming the planet.

CAFOD’s representative in Lancaster, Patrick Gardner, said:  “By coming together and raising our voices we really can make difference and be the change we want to see in the world.

“We would like to say a massive thank you to the parishioners at St Anne’s, Westby, for organising this amazing event and showing that they really do care about energy access around the world.”

If you’d like to run your own Power to Be liturgy, you can find the resources here.


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Hello from Alex – Lancaster’s new Gapper!

CAFOD has recently welcomed a new cohort of volunteers onto the Step into the Gap programme. In this blog we hear from CAFOD Lancaster’s newest recruit, Alex Adamcyzk. Welcome, Alex!

Aleks Adamcyzk.jpg


My name is Alex, I’m 21 years old and I am a gapper based at St. Mary’s Catholic Academy in Blackpool. I found out about CAFOD two years ago, when I moved to England from Poland to volunteer at Castlerigg Manor. I saw couple of posters around our retreat centre, another two or three at the back of our church and I thought that was it; posters, fliers, collections… Oh, how wrong was I!

Until I personally met some CAFOD people I had no clue how much amazing work is done. Advocating for people’s voice to be heard, restoring people’s dignity, helping people help themselves, tackling inequality and climate change, not only speaking about the issues but working towards a positive change. I felt like I wanted to become a part of that. I wanted to change the world, and now I could join a cause to fight for common good, live consciously, make a difference, even if it’s just one tiny step at the time.

It might sound tad cliché but being there for others is what drags me out of bed in the morning. Being with people, sharing their experiences, learning from them is extremely inspiring. Knowing that I can give something in return makes it even more special. This is why I applied, and even though I have a lot more to learn I am looking forward to seeing what lies ahead. I can’t wait to meet all sorts of new people, from pupils to teachers and parishioners, and hopefully you one day! Please stay tuned and join in putting our faith into action!


Alex and her fellow Step into the Gap volunteers, who are undertaking placements across the country.

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