Fairtrade tuck shop of treats raises over £400 for CAFOD

Pupils from Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Warton, have raised over £400 for the aid agency CAFOD through a tuck shop of Fairtrade treats.

The school invited CAFOD volunteer, Hayley Benyon, into their assembly to collect the cheque.

With plenty of tasty treats to enjoy, the children have been buying from the Fairtrade tuck shop every Thursday morning for the last 18 months, whilst learning about CAFOD’s work and the benefits of buying Fairtrade on farmers across the world.

One pupil at the school told Hayley of how their stall was a ‘win-win situation’: “We get to eat, and CAFOD get money for food for children overseas.”

CAFOD volunteer, Hayley Benyon, said: “Holy Family are a small school, but they have a big heart!  What a pleasure to be invited to their assembly to receive their donation.

“The Holliday family in our Holy Family parish are part of my CAFOD parish team, and their children attend this school which links the parish and school beautifully – that’s three generations of CAFOD supporters!”

Holy Family’s Headteacher, Mr Manfredi, said: “As one of our pupils said during assembly, it’s a ‘win win’ situation. The only thing to add to that is that there is now another ‘win’ because the parents and children have raised £400 profit during the year from the tuck shop!

“I am obviously proud of the children who give up their break time to run the tuck shop every week with the help of one of our members of staff and feel that it is another example of how we try to live out our mission of doing our best to ‘Love and Care for Others.'”

CAFOD’s representative in Lancaster, Patrick Gardner, added: “What a creative way to raise money for CAFOD! Thank you so much to the children and staff at Holy Family, Warton, for everything they have done to help raise money to help children overseas.”

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Fairtrade Fortnight (29 Feb – 13 Mar)

Did you know…Fairtrade Fortnight this year runs from 29 February – 13 March? CAFOD is co-founder of the Fairtrade Foundation. As Martin Luther King famously said, ‘before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world’. Fairtrade is a simple way to make a difference by thinking carefully about our everyday choices. It’s about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for small-scale farmers. We are all part of the global food system – which means we have the power to change it. Choosing Fairtrade products is one of the ways we can help tackle poverty.


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Making a stand for Fairtrade

Miss Smith, Chaplain at Cardinal Allen Catholic High School in Fleetwood writes…….

Students of the CAFOD group at Cardinal Allen Catholic High School in Fleetwood have been verygreylogo busy indeed in the past few weeks. They have teamed up with the school’s Fairtrade group to deliver a series of powerful and hard- hitting assemblies about the difference buying Fairtrade products can make to people right across the world.
Fairtrade logo

During Fairtrade Fortnight, three teams visited 10 primary schools to spread their message. They challenged the pupils to think about the consequences of their decisions, and went on to show how easy it is to locate and buy Fairtrade products.

The assemblies were highly interactive and very well presented, and the CAFOD team did themselves proud in tackling such an important issue. In each school they visited, the halls exploded with the chorus of our song: “If you want to make a difference, shout Fairtrade!” I’m sure it will be stuck in all our heads for a long time to come!

Fairtrade Assembly (1)

As a result of our assemblies, we have heard that some of the primary schools are thinking of selling more Fairtrade products in school, and may possibly even consider becoming a Fairtrade school like us!
Back in school, the enthusiasm from our teams has filtered through to our own activities. The students managed to persuade our Headteacher and Deputy head, Mr Mooney and Mr Cafferkey, to compete against each other in a Fairtrade “Ready, Steady, Cook”, at which they were given the challenge of creating a smoothie made with as many Fairtrade products as possible.

FT smoothie- off (28)

Headteacher Mr Mooney (left), deputy headteacher Mr Cafferkey and Ellie in Year 8 and Katharine in Year 7 at the Cardinal Allen’s Fairtrade ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’

Our Fairtrade chocolate stall and raffle raised more money than ever before, and the Fairtrade penalty shoot- out with Fairtrade footballs was a roaring success!

We also held a special lunchtime Mass to pray for trade justice and a fairer food system, which was attended by more than 60 pupils. Our CAFOD team also led a reflection exploring trade justice for women on Women’s World Day of Prayer, inviting people to write a grace on paper plates to be displayed in school. It was a beautiful and powerful prayer service, and the CAFOD team are looking forward to exploring this issue of food poverty and trade justice further throughout the year.

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