Volunteers making a difference

CAFOD volunteers make a huge difference to those living in poverty overseas.

Whether you’re a Communications volunteer, amplifying the voice of some of the poorest communities around the world; an Education volunteer, inspiring future generations, an Office volunteer ensuring the smooth-running of the office, or a Parish volunteer, helping at Fast Days, responding to emergencies, or campaigning for change; thank you for standing with us as we work to end poverty and injustice.

Volunteers are an important part of the CAFOD family.


Eithne Butler – an Office Volunteer at the CAFOD Lancaster Volunteer Centre

Whatever your interest, talents or time, if you’d like to volunteer with CAFOD, please contact Patrick Gardner, CAFOD Lancaster on 01772 733310 or lancaster@cafod.org.uk


Celebrating our volunteers

Without volunteers, our work at CAFOD would be made much more difficult.

Whether you play your part as a communications volunteer who amplifies the voice of those in need, an education volunteer helping to inspire future generations, or an office volunteer helping to ensure the smooth-running of the office, your input is valuable. People who help out at Fast Days, respond to emergencies, make change by campaigning or spending your Sunday’s speaking at mass, your passion for social justice is clear and your help appreciated.

Here, CAFOD’s Director of Operations, Geoff, has a message of thanks for you:

Throughout this week, we will be celebrating many of the volunteers here at CAFOD and saying thank you for all the work that you do within schools and your own parishes in the Diocese of Lancaster!

Interested in volunteering with CAFOD? Find out more

Mass of Thanksgiving for CAFOD Volunteers

On Saturday 7th July at 12.15pm, we will be holding a Mass of Thanksgiving for CAFOD Volunteers in Lancaster Diocese.

This will take place at St Wilfrid’s Catholic Church in Preston City Centre, joining together with the parish community for the lunch-time Mass.

St Wilfrid's Catholic Church

St Wilfrid’s Catholic Church

After Mass, we will gather in the Parish Hall and enjoy a light lunch together. It will be an ideal chance to give thanks for our wonderful volunteers and to celebrate and recognise all the great work of all our CAFOD volunteers both at the local and at the national level.

Do join us to celebrate the marvellous contribution of our volunteers to our work in the diocese and around the world.

We look forward very much to seeing you at St Wilfrid’s Catholic Church, Chapel St, Preston PR1 8BU.

Thank you for supporting CAFOD’s life-transforming work overseas with our poorest sisters and brothers.